Using .Net with Your Favorite Language

It’s been a couple years now, and I like using .net better and better every day.  I frequently get questioned about my preference in programming languages.  Personally, I have been writing in visual basic .net.  I have co-workers and friends that use C#.

In the past, I would choose to do a project using C or Fortran or Cobol or VB or Pascal or Assembler because the language I chose provided specific libraries or sets of functions to help me solve my programming problems – to get the project done in the most efficient way possible – or maybe certain languages were suited to certain types of work.  C or Fortran may have been used in engineering fields because of it’s scientific and mathematical libraries, while Cobol may have been more suited to business applications because of it’s data and string handling functions.

Dot Net has really changed the way we should think about our development choices.  The language we choose to develop with isn’t chosen because it can do something that other languages can’t – the Dot Net languages can all do the same things because they’re all based on Dot Net.  So, what is the difference then?  Why don’t we all program with VB?  Well, it has boiled down to simple preference.  If you already have experience, it only makes sense to choose a language that you already know.  The language you choose helps you learn Dot Net quicker!

So choose your favorite language – as long as it’s a Dot Net language – and start coding!