You know what makes me mad?

Tonight I was talking to a friend of mine and he was excited about a new feature he discovered on his Mac.  He decided to buy a Mac this year because of how easy it is to use – and that’s fine, but he continued on to tell me about the new feature he discovered and how it was so cool.  In fact he told me he didn’t understand why his PC doesn’t do that… well, I said, I think your PC will do that.  "No, no" he replied, "it definitely won’t do the same thing, it’s much easier on the Mac".

Well, instead of argue, I tried the exact thing he told me he discovered on his Mac, and, in fact, it works the same way on my PC.  It frustrates me sometimes because people don’t even understand that the things they attribute to the Mac are, in fact software features of the particular application they are using, or of Windows vs OS X or whatever operating system the computer is running.

I personally don’t use a Mac – I really see no need to use a Mac.  I’m perfectly happy with my PC.  It just burns by britches when people are so taken by the fancy marketing that they just believe the Mac is easier and does more than a PC without really checking the features they are so convinced don’t exist on a PC.