My Thoughts on the Win 7 CTP

I’ve installed on 3 different machines; 2 desktops and a laptop.  I typically will use these machines for MS Office 2007 work, some Visual Studio development work, email, blogging and some game playing.  My son helps me test.  I noticed, on the 2 desktops, a bit of strange behavior after initial install.  My one desktop was locked after running all night and I had to reboot, although this could have been a driver issue – I have updated the video and sound drivers and haven’t had an issue since.

Overall, I feel that this is a pretty clean build.  The product has been stable since the early beta I received at PDC last year, but this seems very polished and feature rich.  I have liked the revamped toolbar right from the first time I saw it. 

I am running the 64 bit version exclusively since I don’t have any applications that run only on 32 bit, and I am very impressed by Windows 7 performance on my laptop.  Although my laptop is Vista compatible (128 Mb Video card, and AMD dual core processor) it is a fairly low-end Gateway.  In spite of the mediocre hardware, it is very snappy and responsive for most basic apps.  I also do some video editing and will be testing the Live Movie Maker beta quite a bit in the coming months.

If the revamped task bar is my favorite new feature, my second favorite has to be the homegroup networking feature.  You basically connect to a homegroup one time, sharing music, photos, printers, etc. all in one step.  Easier than Vista and much, much easier than XP.

Overall, I’m still impressed with Windows 7.  I think this is a great step forward.