Windows 7 Release Comments

Well, Windows 7 is officially released and now available. Only time will tell how well it really is recieved by the public, but all indications are very positive. The reality is that Apple’s marketing was very good over the past couple years. I’ve seen the recent adds – they actually make Apple appear to be trying to win back some of the momentum they had… but in reality that won’t happen. Microsoft has never really marketed to home users, but things are changing. Give Windows 7 a few months and I’ll evaluate customer sentiment again.
As far as my experiences with Windows 7, I’ve had no technical issues to date. What I thought were issues with the homegroup feature, we actually caused by my mistake. Computers plugged into different routers won’t recognize each other. All my homegroup computers are on the same router and they work fine. Home network printing is a snap know with homegroups!
My favorite things are, naturally the graphics and video improvements – and the related desktop features, like the toolbar and other aero features. Homegroup is high on my list of favorites, jumplists, improved desktop search, improved windows backup, the Action Center, and Windows Live apps. I’m also glad to see Tinker will be available soon.