Windows 7 Thoughts

Here’s the thing… I am really loving Windows 7 and the new features.  But maybe that’s just me… after all, I love anything new.  I love to try things, to test things and find out how they work. I love it when things that are supposed to be easier or better, really end up being easier or better.  I hate it when things that are supposed to be better or easier really end up being harder or a waste of my time.  Whatever you do Microsoft, “Don’t waste my time!”

Well, Windows 7 hasn’t wasted my time or made things harder. Windows 7 really has made things easier. The longer I use it, the more I realize that my favorite new feature is the homegroup! Homegroups just make life easier. With previous versions, it seemed there were always problems with sharing or printing – especially printing!  In my home, I don’t print very often, so it could be weeks or even a month or longer between printing sessions for me. In fact, I rarely print anything anymore because, well, I don’t need to. In the old days, it seemed that, inevitably, each time I tried to print, something minor had changed and the printer just sat there waiting and waiting, and nothing printed. Then I had to check everything; the drivers, the sharing options, my firewall settings, and on and on.  It drove me nuts.

Well, homegroup has solved these issues completely! If I bring a new computer home and connect it to my network, it tells me that there’s a homegroup on the network, and asks if I’d like to join.  As long as I can provide the correct password, I’m in. My son was doing some homework on his computer last night and I said “just click the ‘Quick Print’ button and it will print” hoping and praying all along that it would print… and voila! It was like magic. His paper printed without any issues.  Within a few seconds, we heard the printer start and then it flung the page on the floor.  Beautiful!

I just want to thank all those who made the homegroup feature work!  You’re geniuses!