iPad first impressions

Ok, people have been going crazy about the iPad… well, it’s just a web browser! One of the things that ticks me off is that Apple wants to control things… well, ok, so I’m a bit of a control freak myself, but Steve Jobs isn’t perfect. He doesn’t have all the answers. Instead of working with the rest of the world, he insists on doing things his way… and he’s been very successful at it too – as of late.


Ok, the basic reason for this entire rant is that people want an iPad because they’re cool. They really don’t care that I, as a developer, can’t do much for them. They don’t care that a huge chunk of the web won’t run on an iPad because Apple doesn’t allow that… ok, the real reason for this rant is that some of the sales people here bought an iPad and now they want me to make everything work on it… I have to change everything I do to accommodate this new piece of hardware… what ever happened to developing new hardware that was backward compatible with current technology?


Oh, yeah, this is Apple we’re talking about – the company that’s always looking forward and never considers compatibility with current technology to be worth much! I mean, look at their track record in the past… they’ve come out with a plethora of different hardware – all very advanced – but never even compatible with their own technology!


So, ok, I suppose this is to be expected… but if they would just support Flash and Silverlight!