Windows Live Essentials

Ok, the next Windows Live Beta is out and I have been using it for a couple days. I have to say, as a first impression, this is very, very nice!

First, let me say that the improved facial recognition is amazing – and although there’s still some room for improvement, the enhancements from the previous version are pretty amazing. I love the fact that it actually can recognize faces that I haven’t tagged, and it asks for confirmation of the suggested identity.

Next, let me say that the photo gallery enhancements are very good too. I especially like that I can now change the default actions that happen when I click “auto adjust”.  I like to be able to straighten my photos, but I don’t generally like it to happen when I use “auto adjust”. I do like it that I can auto adjust the exposure and the color. Now I can change what happens in settings for “auto adjust”.

Mail features seem to be similarly enhanced, but I’ll report more on this later. As for my first impressions, I’m thinking this is very good!