Live Photo Gallery

This week I’d like to talk briefly about Live Photo Gallery.

I’ve been playing with it now for several days, and I have to say the facial recognition is much improved. I am noticing a couple big differences from the previous version. First, recognition is more accurate – and it now recognizes people from various angles. In the previous version the face had to be looking directly at the camera to be recognized. Now it detects faces from the side and the top very well. Also, I like the enhanced recognition tools that ask who someone is instead of just finding the face. So, if I’m going through a set of photos, as soon as I select an image, it asks me who someone is. If it can match it to someone already tagged, it allows me to confirm that it is correct – a very nice feature that saves me time!

I’ve played a little with Photo Fuse which is basically a way to look at multiple photos and select the best parts of each one to combine into a final version. You can drag your mouse around a section – then Photo Fuse displays that same section from each of the photos. You select the one you want, and Photo Fuse modifies the image to include the piece you want. Works very nice.

Next, I’m going to be playing with the new Live Movie Maker. I’ll let you know what I find.