Windows Live Family Safety

Ok… Windows Live Family Safety is another piece of the Windows Live Essentials package that really works well – and makes things easier for me. What does Family Safety do? Well, for one thing, if monitors my family’s web activities and limits the sites they can visit. I can log in from wherever I am and view what sites my son has been visiting. Now, I trust my son 100%, but I also know how the web works. Recently, he came over to me to let me know that something was acting strange on his computer… I went over to check, and one of the sites he was playing a game on had tried to entice him to download and/or run a program on his computer. Together, we avoided the threat (a good learning experience for us both I might add) and we decided that we should block the site he was playing on if they are going to cause or even allow this type of activity. I opened family safety, quickly went through his activity log and found the last website he visited – which he confirmed – and marked it as blocked for the whole family. In only a few steps, we blocked a potentially harmful website. Now I can relax a little, knowing that I probably won’t have to reformat his hard drive for another year or so. Now, that’s what Family Safety is about!