Tablets and other such devices (part 2)

So, I bought a couple HP Touchpads when they went on sale – and if HP continues to offer the $99 price, I may buy another. Why would I? Well, let me clarify what I believe HP did with the Touchpad, and then I’ll explain why I would buy another.

First, HP decided they don’t want to be manufacturing tablet hardware in the future (or phone hardware for that matter). They never said anything about Touchpads or future webOs devices going away – they only said they do not want to build the hardware. Given the state of business these days, probably a wise move. They need to focus on profitablility and hardware profit margins are way too narrow these days.

Second, they never said they would give up support and future development for webOs. I get very frustrated when I read articles about webOs being dead. webOs is great and I believe it has a great deal of potential. This planet is way to big for only 1 or 2 mobile operating systems! iOs, windows, webOs and Android all have room to grow, and competition is good for us!

Now, as to why I would by a Touchpad… they are great tablets, especially for $99! I love the fact that HP and Google have left the browsers fairly open so I can browse the web pretty much the same way I would from my desktop computer. There may be a need for specialized apps to do certain things, but for most things, the browser and the internet work just fine, thank you very much. The fact that I can develop and consume apps when needed is a nice to have… with Apple, if you didn’t have apps you really would have nothing because of the browser’s limitations.

My prediction is that webOs is here to stay. There are a lot of developers out there, and now even more users since the Touchpads went on sale. And webOs is a good system… anyone could put together an operating system, but to get one that’s as polished and has the potential that webOs has will not be easy.

So, that in a nutshell is why I bought a couple Touchpads, and will probably buy another if and when they become available again. My prediction is that webOs will not go away. HP will keep their fingers in that pot, and someone will probably build devices in the future to use webOs. I guess only time will tell.