Windows 8 Community Preview Thoughts

I had used the Windows 8 Developer Preview since it was released. A few days ago I downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Community Preview. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but after installing I was pleasantly surprised. The install on my old Gateway laptop went smoothly, and after I installed my video driver and wireless internet driver, things ran very, very well.

I like the Metro style interface, and I’m getting used to switching between desktop and Metro modes. The apps that are provided at this point are only limited test apps for the most part, and installing and uninstalling apps seems to work without a hitch. There are new versions of things like Task Manager – made to work with the new operating system and apps. Working with this operating system on a non-touch enabled device is a bit frustrating because I keep wanting to touch the screen.

I just installed to edit some images. That worked fine too. Just wanted to see how installing an old Windows app would work.

I’ll be testing and posting over the next couple months, then TechEd and we’ll see what this looks like by then. So download and play with it – if you like to play with new stuff as much as I do.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Website