TechEd 2012 in Orlando

I’m getting pretty excited about attending TechEd this year. The last event I attended was last year’s DevConnections – and that was good. This year, though, has some pretty fundamental changes coming. Windows 8 is a major shift in the way Windows works. Since the success of the iPad, tablet computing is front and center – and everyone is either using tablets, thinking about using tablets, or afraid their going to be forced to use tablets. I’m speaking from a developer’s viewpoint here, after all, we are the one’s that must make tablets work the way users are demanding. To be honest, programming for an iPad is terrible. Objective C is like programming in the stone age – and Apple spends all it’s resources making flashy hardware, but developers program the same way they’ve programmed for the past 2 decades. Ok, that’s all I’ll say about that in this post. I am anxious to see new tools and new hardware that will be coming out this year to make the developer’s life easier. It will surely be an exciting year for IT!