TechEd 2012

Well, TechEd was good this year – the largest crowd I remember! I was very interested in the cloud talks/discussions and the social media sessions.

We are building such large stores of data – I really belive that our future success will hinge on how well we (developers/analysts/project people) will be able to integrate information in such a way that our customers can make sense out of it. We’re not keeping all this data just to see how large our databases can become – we see value in knowing certain information – so we need to help our customers make sense of it all. It’s not like it was at one time – when all my data was in one or even a few databases within my own data center. We, collectively and separately, are accumulating so much data, that no one person or company can own it all. Cloud computing not only gives us a way to reduce time & cost, but the infrastructures being built in the cloud can and must make it easy to access many different kinds of data, from many different and unrelated sources. We must be able to share our data and consume other people’s data within a safe, secure environment – and in a consistant way that is independant of the tools and technologies I use or others use to develop software solutions.

Am I asking too much?