5D Mark III Autofocus Settings – Part 2

Ok, so I’ve been experimenting with the various autofocus settings – and I think I’m getting close on them. I was shooting a couple soccer games over the weekend, one night game and one day game. The first thing I did was limit my focus area to the center ZoneAFsection of the 61 points by selecting zone AF (pictured at left). I hadn’t been shooting like this, but thought I’d try it. According to Canon’s documentation, “With Zone AF the camera will always attempt to focus on the nearest subject it detects within the active zone of AF points.”

Here’s some results of my shooting in this mode. For my next sporting event, I’d like to shoot in AF point expansion mode to see how the results compare. I think that mode will be better for following a subject that is running and keeping the main subject in focus, even when someone else might be closer, or might move in between the camera and the subject.