Nikon Envy

I bought an Olympus OM-1 when I was in college – and used it throughout the 80’s. I loved my OM-1, and as a collector today, I have several OM System cameras in my collection. But – and that’s a big but, I was always envious of those using Nikon equipment. Throughout the 70’s, Nikon was just the best – I don’t even think there’s much to debate. I don’t remember any of my friends questioning it – all the best photographers shot Nikon. Most photojournalists used Nikon equipment. That’s just the way it was. It was also very expensive.

I loved my Olympus gear – and their optics were very good – but it just wasn’t the same.

Well, now that I’m past my photographic prime, and am more of a collector than I am an active photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to collect some Nikon equipment. I’m waiting for my latest acquisition; a vintage silver F2 with eye level prism. I can’t wait to try it out and post a few shots.

Some of the other Nikon bodies in my collection are an FE, FE2 and an FM. These were mostly semi-pro bodies, or bodies a pro might carry as a backup. The F2 I’m waiting for was strictly a pro body.

I’m not sure if there’s any Nikon envy today, but there probably is. I know lots of photographers that shoot Nikon. In the digital age, Sony has made a lot of headway. Canon is still the most popular – and I shoot Canon, when I’m shooting. And there is active debate (digital debate) about which camera is best. Things change a lot faster these days – so, almost every few months there’s new technology that makes one brand better than the others.

Nikon owned the 70’s though (and a chunk of the 60’s and 80’s) and it wasn’t even close. I’d love to hear about your “camera envy”. Just remember, “the camera is always greener…”