Yashica-D Results

A couple weeks ago I shot some medium format film for the first time in about 40 years. Here’s a few of my images, and some of my thoughts. So, feel free to click on the images below to take a closer look.


Here’s some of  my thoughts about this experience, and medium format in general. I liked using the camera, but it took time to get used to – and, since there is no light meter built in, the process of capturing an image was slower than I’d like (but maybe slow is good sometimes).

The way the twin lens reflex focuses takes a bit more effort than I’m used to. Several of my images are out of focus.

I also had a few double exposures – like I thought (like the one of Holly above). I’m not thinking about advancing the film after each shot – so I get distracted when I’m concentrating on my subject. One of those things we take for granted with modern cameras – and even the generation of cameras that followed this Yashica were better at preventing this. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to make multiple exposures with this camera, without even trying!

I like the results in general. I like the first image of Kingsley laying in the lawn. I wish it had been a bit sharper – but this camera was sold as a consumer camera, not a pro model, so focusing with it may not be as nice as it would have been with a better model – I’m not sure. I will try my second roll (which I plan on processing myself) to see if I can do better with focus.

The other thing I noticed right away is the perspective. I can tell that the camera was lower relative to the subject than is usually the case with my SLR images. I like this – especially when photographing dogs, or other subjects that are lower than I am. With the SLR, I’m always looking downward on my subject. This was a nice change. I may have to get a waist-level finder for one of my Nikons to try that out…

I really like the first picture of Kingsley in the grass. Not only is the perspective appealing, but the exposure is good. And, composition is nice – the subject looks good in a square frame.

Have you shot with a medium format film camera? I’d love to hear what you think.