Nikon FM2

So, yesterday I received the FM2 I ordered from a seller in Canada. It’s in great shape, although it is missing an eye piece (most Nikons are) and it has a standard circular matte focusing screen (Type B or B2). Not a big deal, I can get replacements pretty easy on the secondary market – there are plenty out there for sale.

Tonight I’m going to shoot some Tri-X through it to see how it works – if there’s any light leaks. I already noticed some of the foam in the mirror box is old and deteriorated, but the seals around the door don’t seem bad. Sometimes people replace door seals, but don’t touch the foam in the mirror box – so that may be the case with this camera. Again, that’s easily remedied if it needs new seals.

I like the FM2 because it was pretty revolutionary in it’s day (1982). Mine is actually an FM2n – which came out in 1984. The 1/4000 of a second shutter speed was revolutionary – and it was the first camera to have that fast of a speed. The FM2n also had a flash synch speed of 1/250 of a second, which also was pretty leading edge technology at the time.

So, Let me take some photos tonight, and I’ll do my promised review of the FM2 vs. FE2 – mechanical vs. electronic. My reviews are only reviews in the sense that they compare 2 (or more) products. As you know, I’m not doing technical reviews – just my thoughts, likes and dislikes of the cameras. Just a fun exercise for me – and hopefully you enjoy them a little too.