When Opportunity Knocks

So, I’m a little off my normal topic today. This is about opportunities, choices, and life in general. The category is Christianity.

I remember when we first heard that my company planned to open a new office in a different city. I remember the excitement we (my wife and I) felt knowing that it might be possible for us to move. We had lived in Chicagoland for almost 18 years, and we were ready for a change!

I’m a Christian, and I don’t believe that things randomly happen to people for no reason. This is an extremely complex concept, so if you want to debate me on this, there will probably never be a conclusion that either of us will be happy with. This is something that can’t really be debated, as far as I can tell. This is something that everyone has to arrive at for themselves, using whatever logic, and faith that is at their disposal.

I believe that it is best to be prepared for whatever may happen in our lives, to be surprised as little as possible, and to go when you feel that’s what you’re supposed to do. However, as Christians, I believe we are to wait upon the Lord, meaning that I believe we should not try to force things to happen on our own, but that we should be patient enough to allow things to happen in God’s timing.

We had wanted to move for at least 7 or 8 years. We had been patient. When we were given the opportunity to move, we moved as soon as we could. My family and I have seen blessing after blessing heaped upon us since we took this opportunity. We had felt for a long time that God was calling us to move, now we had the opportunity, and we took it. We saw this whole move as a door that God had opened and invited us to walk through – we only needed to be obedient. But this isn’t really about us, but about obeying God. And in being obedient, we received blessings, but we also have been able to help and bless many others in our new city. All part of what I believed was the master plan behind our move.

So how do you know when the opportunity is right? How do you know when you should take a new job, or accept an offer to relocate? We live in an impulsive, never satisfied culture. We live at a time when getting whatever you can, and fighting your way to the top are seen as positive things. Greed and selfishness are not seen as bad, but just the way to get things you want. You are often encouraged to do whatever you want, whatever is right for you.

I think there’s another way – a way of life that can provide for your needs and can provide for the needs of others as well. Maybe it doesn’t really matter if you take job “A” or job “B”, or move to city “C” or city “D”, or buy a new car, or a used car. Maybe what really matters is your attitude, and how you approach the choices we all face in life.

So, in this move, we didn’t only look at what was best for us – but we looked at this as a time to see where we could help others. We looked at our move as God bringing us to a new place to be used there. We looked at this answer to our prayers, which was a tremendous blessing to us, as an opportunity to try to bless others. We have skills and talents, God given abilities, that we wanted to use to help people. So we approached our move with eyes open to where and how we could be used by God in a new location.

I guess where I’m going with this, is that I’m trying to encourage patience over foolish, quick choices. I’m trying to encourage waiting for good opportunities over jumping at any and every chance you are presented with. I’m trying to encourage listening and waiting on the Lord when making decisions – and knowing that decisions we make can be opportunities to get on board with what God’s doing in our world. There’s a joy, a sense of peace, knowing that our decisions can be directed and used by someone who is all knowing, and cares about what’s best for us. And knowing that whatever choices we make can be made better by thinking less about what we can get, and more about what we can give.

If you aren’t a Christian, this may not make sense to you. The first thing you need, if you’ve never heard the Gospel (literally means Good News), is to hear the Gospel. Here’s a video by a musician named Lecrea.

Listen to his story. At the end he explains what the Gospel is, or click here to read about the Gospel and the message of Christianity – it’s not about being good, or changing your life – it’s all about what Jesus, God’s son, did for us.

The true Gospel, the really Good News, is about God reaching out to all people when we were separated from Him. This message can change your life! This message can help you make the best out of all your decisions.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback.