Short Photo Walk in Pittsburgh

Many years ago I attended the University of Pittsburgh. This weekend, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh – primarily to spend time with family – but it turned out that I got to visit the university, and see some of the buildings I remember from those many years ago.

So, a couple things I enjoy about the University of Pittsburgh are the history of the area, and the architecture of the University buildings.

As far as history, one of the things I found interesting is that part of the campus is actually located on the site of the former Forbes Field. Forbes Field was where the Pittsburgh Pirates played from 1909 until 1970. Other teams (like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pitt Panthers) played in this stadium as well. If you’d like to know more history, the Wikipedia article has some good info, and you can find it here.

Today, remnants of Forbes Field can still be found on campus. Here’s a few photos from today’s walk. Some show the still standing portions of the outfield wall, with the ivy and distance numbers painted, just like it was in 1970. My wife and her brother are looking at the photo of fans watching the 1960 World Series, and they are standing over the home plate from the last game in Forbes Field. They’re also pictured by parts of the original left field wall.

As far as architecture, the Cathedral of Learning is the centerpiece of the university. If you want to learn more about the building, you can find a good article here. Below are some photos of, not only the Cathedral, but the exterior of the Stephen Foster Memorial, and Heinz Chapel. The interior photos are of the Cathedral of Learning, and inside some of the international classrooms within the cathedral.

It was a fun walk around the university, and it brought back some good memories of my time there. I hope you enjoy the photos, and some of the history. It’s worth a visit if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, and have a day where you’re wondering what to do. All photos are digital, shot with my Canon EOS R and 28mm f1.8 lens. Sorry, it was a bit spontaneous, so no film shot here today.