I Always Wanted to See Philadelphia!

Well… I’ve been to Philadelphia before, and it is a beautiful city, as far as cities go. But, I wasn’t planning to see it today.

I’m in Pittsburgh now, waiting for a flight to Philadelphia. Im trying to get back to Austin, Texas.

Last night I was supposed to return to Austin, but there were flight delays and connection timing issues, so I needed to reschedule my return for today.

Pittsburgh isn’t a bad place to be stuck – if you have to be stuck. But, with storms scheduled to go through here (and Philadelphia) today, I only hope we can get home.

When things like this happen, I tend to think about how inconvenienced I am. In reality, even though I’m focused on me (my work, my family, my pets, etc.), many others are going through the same thing. Not only passengers, but crew members as well, are delayed and trying to get someplace else. I just heard a flight attendant say, “I can’t wait to get to Chicago! I could have driven there faster.” Well, I’m not sure if that’s true or not (I’ve driven before, and it’s about a 9 hour drive, if everything goes smoothly), but I realized I’m not the only one in this airport that wants to get home.

Philadelphia update coming soon. Will we ever get home?

My plane has just arrived! Not exactly a large plane…

I should be in Philadelphia soon…

Just landed in Philadelphia, and got to our gate… and having philly cheesesteak sandwiches – ordered and paid for without much human interaction at all. Not sure if I really like that idea.

Hoping it won’t take long to get from here to Austin – maybe the distance is shorter because of the curvature of the earth, or something?

When in Philadelphia, eat as Philadelphians do!

It’s definitely a bit more lively here than it was in Pittsburgh. Leaving soon for Austin.

On my plane, ready to go to Austin! But what exactly is “International Garbage”?

If all goes well, we should be in Austin in a couple hours. This trip is a good example of how very little is guaranteed in life. It’s not exactly how I thought our trip would go. I’ll just be glad to get home.

Finally home! A nice trip, just a little difficult getting home.

I love to travel, and take pictures. This trip was documented almost entirely with my Samsung Galaxy S10+. I love the wide angle lens!