Best, Shmest…

There’s no such thing as the best camera!

I’ve seen some articles/posts on photography lately – some titled, “The Best Camera for Landscape Photography” or “The Best Film Camera for Beginners”, and I’m getting a little ticked off just looking at the titles. I mean, who are they to tell me what’s best for me?!

In my blog posts, I try to be as objective as possible. One of my recent posts talked about everybody’s favorite film SLR – but that was based upon the fact that I see many searches for specific Nikon cameras – so I drew the conclusion that these are some of the favorites, or at least the cameras that are drawing the most interest. But who am I to say what’s the absolute best camera for a specific job, or for you?

I read lots of articles, and honestly I feel like most are written just to sell something – or to just get a lot of hits through search engines. That’s fine, as long as we all understand their purpose. I’m trying to be truly helpful with my posts – except this one, maybe, where I’m just ranting about things I don’t like.

So, whenever I see an article or post claiming to know which camera is the best, I will try not to take it too seriously. It’s only one person’s opinion. As photographers, we each may have our favorite, or best camera for different jobs. I’m open to listening to someone else explain why they like something, but can they really say which camera is the best?

Anyway – that’s what I was thinking about this morning!