Nikon FE Photos

After my post about the FE/FM and FE2/FM2 where I described some of the reasons why I like the original FE best, I thought it would be good to post a few photos taken with my FE.

The FE is a very simple, yet high quality, SLR with aperture priority auto exposure. It’s not fancy, but has some nice features (like battery check light, easy on/off switch, and double exposure capability among others). I love the match needle metering when I want to shoot in manual mode, and the viewfinder, for being a relatively old camera (1978), is very bright and clear. The camera is fairly small and light, and the shutter is very smooth, and not too noisy.

Here are a few of my photos from walking around Austin.

I actually think the exposure is very good on all the photos I took (of course, any that were off a bit I didn’t show), and I’m impressed with how well the FE functions, being that it’s so old and everything. When the faster shutter speeds were enabled (on the FE2), the shutter required more tension to hit the faster speeds, so that also caused the shutter to sound a bit louder. The FE, with 1/1000th of a second as it’s fastest speed, sounds very soft and smooth when shooting. I like the sound, and the feel, of the shutter.

All things considered, I think the Nikon FE is a fine film camera. Nikon lenses are also very good quality, and readily available. These shots were all taken with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI lens.

Ok, there you have it. Some of my FE results. If you have any thoughts about the FE (or any of this series – FE, FM, FE2, FM2) leave me a comment. I’d love to hear them.