What Kind of Learner are You?

I was thinking about learning today, and thinking about how I learn. I tend to be a visual learner. I like to see how things work. I like books with pictures.

Some people can just read about something, and in their mind, they can visualize and understand. Maybe I need my visual sense active to fully understand. I’m not exactly sure. And, that’s probably why I enjoy photography so much. If I had my choice, I would rather look at a photo book about Africa, than just read about it – if I couldn’t visit in person, that is. So, my travel photos are an attempt to tell the story of my trip – to provide a way for me (and hopefully others) to re-live the trip.

My wife is always amazed that I can look at a photo, and many times tell where the photo was taken, what city it is, or what mountains are pictured. She’s amazed, but it really isn’t that difficult since the photos I tend to identify are of places like New York City, the Tetons, Sydney Harbor, Arizona or Hawaii. Areas that are very distinct in architecture, and/or landscape.

So, here’s a little test to see how good you are at visualizing, at recognizing locations from photos. Here’s 10 photos that I think are either iconic images that should be recognizable because they’re so famous, or just places that I’ve memorized because I’ve visited and soaked in the sights. For the latter, I’ve since recognized many of the locations when looking at other people’s photos. You can even tell a location by the plants that you see in a photo, or the writing on the walls… look at the photos and guess before clicking on them to open the viewer – since the viewer will show the locations.

So, are you a visual learner? Do you like to study the way things look? Some people can tell what a car is by it’s headlights in their rear view mirror, or by the tail lights. I think it’s fun to learn what things look like, or what a place looks like.