When my family came to Texas, it took me quite a while to consider it my “home”. After all, we lived in Illinois for almost 20 years, so that seemed like home, although I never felt “at home” there. Finally, after living in Texas almost 5 years now, I’m feeling like it is my home, and my whole family feels at home here. We have wonderful friends, live in a quiet, small town, and have been welcomed by everyone we meet. Texas is truly our home.

This year I’ve had to do quite a bit of traveling, for both work and personal reasons. Last week, my wife and I were in Virginia with family. It was a good trip. I was able to discuss family trees, and spend some time with my dad. It’s hard to see my dad (and all of us) getting older, but I’m glad my dad is close to family and not completely on his own, and forgotten. Staying close to family is a good thing.

On our way back, I saw these clouds. I usually think the clouds are an amazing sight, and this time was no exception. I enjoy sitting in my window seat, and looking at the clouds as we fly.

I hope you have a great day, have many opportunities to spend time with family, and always enjoy the clouds!

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