Sunset Walk with the EOS R

Tonight, Kingsley and I took a short walk to see the sunset. Kingsley enjoys walking, whether it’s sunset or not, but I prefer sunset.

Kingsley and the Sunset in Color

Initially, I was intending to shoot as black and white only, but when I started processing the images, the color was so nice (and subtle), I decided to keep it.

Sunset Grasses in Color

It’s starting to cool off in central Texas, and I’m enjoying being outside. I’ve actually gotten used to the warm summer weather, but it does feel good when it starts to get cool.

Sunset Grasses in B&W

Here’s an interesting thing I realized tonight with my EOS R. When I want to shoot B&W (and you set the picture style to Monochrome), since the viewfinder is LCD, the image you see is actually in B&W. It’s nice to actually see an image in the viewfinder just the way it will look. I always had a little bit of difficulty shooting B&W film – difficulty imagining what the B&W would look like. After you do it for long enough, you just get used to it, but there’s always a little guess work involved – just like with film photography in general, but even with traditional dSLRs you don’t see the image on an LCD you see it through a glass viewfinder, in color.

It was a nice walk, and nice to learn something new about my camera.

I hope you’re having a great weekend, and get outdoors to enjoy some sunsets wherever you are.