DFW – Mega Airport

DFW is a huge airport, second in the US only to Denver’s new airport (by acres). I recently had to change planes in Dallas, and honestly was a bit concerned. I’ve had bad experiences at airports like Philadelphia, where the airport is, quite frankly, a mess, and getting from one part of the airport to another can be extremely confusing, and can take quite a while.

When I was looking at the DFW airport map before landing it looked pretty confusing. When we landed though I was pleasantly surprised. The hallways at DFW are wide and roomy, and the instructions and directions are very clear. The terminals are pretty spread out, so to get from one to another requires a ride on an airport tram. Very clear and simple, although it does take a few minutes to get from one terminal to the next.

All in all, a very good experience, and easy to navigate without talking to another human at all. Now it was a Saturday, so not a super busy travel day, but I would say, if you have to travel through Dallas, have no fear. It’s not as bad as it looks on the airport map!