A Beautiful Day at Pedernales Falls State Park

Today was a beautiful day, so Kingsley and I decided (well, I decided, and he got excited) to drive to a nearby state park for a hike.

I decided to hike the horse trail to the duck pond (which I’ve never been to before).

One of the things I love in Texas is that cactus grow wild. In Illinios, I had to plant them in my yard because there were none growing there – can you believe that? That is not a problem here. In my yard they grow like weeds -well, that’s because they are weeds. But I still like having them around.

There were some very interesting trees, some dead, some alive. And I loved the blue skies I was able to capture today.

When we finally got to the duck pond, well it was dry. I should have expected since summer is just now over and we haven’t had enough rain yet to fill up these ponds. And, needless to say, there were no ducks.

All in all, a great day. I’m determined to stay in shape and not let me knees get bad. I will keep walking, riding my bike and taking Kingsley for hikes. And if you ever have a chance to visit Pedernales Falls State Park, by all means, do!

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