Dripping Springs

The small town I live in is named for the springs that were found here many years ago. However, I have never seen the actual springs that it’s named after – so today I thought I’d take a look.

It turns out that the springs are still here, as well as the small stream that flows through the small ravine, along the limestone wall where the water actually drips.

If you’re interested in reading more about my little speck on the map of Texas, here’s some information from the town website: Discover Dripping Springs

Here’s a video of the actual springs, dripping as usual… so you can hear what they sound like – over some background street noise.

The Dripping Springs!

There’s also a stone marker on the road above the springs. It’s hard to read, so I have the text typed below the photo of the marker.

So, if you’re ever in Texas, you might want to explore some of the many small, historic towns in our state. You might even pass through Dripping Springs – and now you know how it got it’s name.