Medium Format and the San Antonio Missions

The week before Christmas, my wife and I took a little trip down to San Antonio to explore some historic missions. I wanted to capture some images with my Zenza Bronica ETR-Si – some medium format images of the various missions. I already posted some of my digital images here, but wanted to see what the missions looked like on film.

It’s interesting to compare digital images to images on film. Depending upon equipment, film type, and developing, film images can very quite a bit. Here’s some of my film images. See what you think.

The first group is from Mission Espada, the second is from Mission San Jose, and the third is from Mission San Juan.

The next section of photos was added later (I forgot I had a roll of film left in my camera, so it was developed later). They are from Mission Concepcion. I like the stone at this mission, and how large it is. I think this is the largest church of the 4 that we visited.

I like the results of my film experiment. Medium format is very nice when using film. Less grain, higher resolution and image sharpness are all positive factors when going up to medium format film. I shot these on Portra 400, using my Zenzanon 50mm f/2.8 lens. That’s equivalent to about 28 or 30mm with a 35mm camera. I like the colors from Portra – a very warm, but natural look.