Kingsley and Me

Last Saturday, Kingsley and I went for a hike at Pedernales Falls State Park, which is not too far away. The park’s name is a bit deceiving, if you’re not from around here. There really isn’t a falls, in the traditional sense, but a series of rocky drops in elevation along a section of the Pedernales River, where the water level drops, but the water falls very gradually, over an exceptionally rocky part to the river. But water doesn’t fall, in the sense that it’s not like Niagara Falls, or Victoria Falls, or any other well know water fall. It is uniquely beautiful, and a great place to hike, if you don’t mind rocks.

Here’s an image of the rocky “falls” that really isn’t a traditional falls.

Kingsley and I had a great walk. We cut off the trail near the end and walked upstream for about 1/4 of a mile, then walked down to the river and the rocks. The path we took is very rocky, and if you have week ankles, or don’t like hiking on a rocky trail, you probably should avoid this. There are other trails in the park (not near the river) that are less rugged. These might be a better choice if you want to stay away from the rocks.

All-in-all, we had a very nice day. Kingsley had one mishap, when he leaped into a pool of water in the rocky part of the river, only to find that it was deeper than he thought, and he tried climbing out where the rocks were too steep. I guided him back to the shallows, and he got out ok, but he tends to not look before he leaps, and this can sometimes get you into trouble. All ended well – he did get the back seat of my car a bit dirty with his footprints though.

Here’s a map with the area we hiked in yellow.

We have several very nice parks in central Texas. If you’re in this area, get out and enjoy our nature. If you on the other side of the earth, I encourage you to explore natural places near your home. I love travel, and when I can’t get away myself, I love to look at pictures from parks and natural places near you; and read about places that you visit!

I hope you have a great day exploring wherever you are.