Mirrorless or DSLR, that is the question…

As you know, I have been quite attracted to mirrorless cameras, in particular what Canon is doing with mirrorless (since I’m a Canon guy). However, I vacillate between the benefits of traditional DSLRs and newer, Mirrorless technology.

I have tried to use my EOS R for sporting events, and I just can’t “like” it enough to feel comfortable with just that camera in my bag when I go to shoot a soccer or football game. I suppose I have a comfort level with my DSLR for sporting events that I just don’t have with a mirrorless. I don’t like the mirrorless viewfinder, and the functionality of it for sports, compared to my DSLR (5D Mark III/IV or 1DX Mark II) viewfinder.

For other than sports, I’m fine with the EOS R. I just shot an event about 2 weeks ago (just before all this Coronavirus stuff broke), and It was great. I love that the shutter (even normal, not silent) is relatively quiet – in a meeting, or large group event, it’s not too loud. I love being able to use the menu without taking my eye away from the viewfinder – very convenient (especially with my poor vision – I don’t have to keep putting glasses on and off to use the viewfinder and the LCD screen).

I also love, and I mean really love, the low light focusing of the EOS R. This is only a first step, and Canon’s sensors are getting better and better, and their imaging processors – they’re getting better and better for speed, dynamic range and low light sensitivity. I can see where the world is going, but it’s not there yet. I’m not fighting it (too much) but I’m not going to switch until I find a mirrorless camera I’m comfortable with.

So, there are good features in mirrorless, features I don’t have with DSLRs, features I really, really like. I guess it’s just the wrong tool – for me right now – for sports.

That’s my 2 cents worth. Been thinking a lot – since I can’t do much else. Editing images, drinking some Corona Extra. No soccer, no basketball, hopefully there will be American football in the fall! If I was in a pub in the UK or Ireland, I’d buy a round for everyone… but, well, I’m not. Stay safe, wherever you are!