I Just Want a Good Cup of Coffee!

My family has been adjusting to the new normal, and (like everyone) are spending a lot of time at home. Just as we were starting to feel comfortable with this new normal, my coffee maker went bad. I already had this machine replaced once – so I decided that I needed a new coffee maker. The one I chose will arrive this week, but during the waiting period I’ve been either making a cup with my wife’s instant coffee machine, or going to buy a cup at our local coffee shop.

My wife’s instant coffee maker is a Verismo (from Starbucks) which hasn’t become nearly as popular in the US as the Keurig machines. I like the flavor of coffee brewed with the Verismo better than the Keurig, even though I still taste distinct deficiencies with either of these coffee machines compared to drip brewers, for example. So, my wife’s machine is no long term coffee solution for me.

But for now (at least for a few more days) this will have to do. I look forward to having a good cup of coffee – with freshly ground beans (Sumatran beans are my favorite), and just the right water temp for optimal brewing.

As I’m rescheduling most travel for later dates, as I spend the majority of my time in my house with my family all there, I’m looking forward to at least having good coffee every morning. I don’t think that’s too much to expect – but maybe I’m wrong.

I hope you’re surviving this unusual and unprecedented time. And, if you enjoy coffee, like I do, I hope you’re at least able to have good coffee!