Visiting West Texas, and the Town of Fort Davis

Well, we were supposed to go to the Davis Mountains on 25 March 2020, but the whole Coronavirus pandemic put a big dent in those plans. So, things were postponed for a while.

So, we rescheduled things, and my wife and I spent a few days in Fort Davis last month. Initially, we thought we might do some day trips from Fort Davis to see some of the surrounding area. It’s a good location as a hub to see some of West Texas, and we actually spent the last night of our trip in Alpine, a small town south of Fort Davis, so we could spend a day exploring some of Big Bend National Park, which is quite a ways south.

There’s an actual fort named Fort Davis as well as the town. Here’s a few shots from a walk around the fort (some of the last shots I got with my Nikon FE before I dropped it and broke the meter).

Here’s a few photos from the town of Fort Davis.

We also spent our last night in the town of Alpine. The highlight of Alpine was the restaurant we ate dinner in, twice. The restaurant is The Century Bar and Grill. It’s in the Holland Hotel, and here’s a few photos from there.

And, here’s a few photos from our day at Big Bend National Park (which I wrote about in another post).

West Texas is fun to explore. It’s a lot of wide open spaces, and not a lot of people, which is nice for a change. I enjoyed visiting, but (as always) there’s no place like home!